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Luther Dowe

For Florida House District 39

Luther “Luke” Dowe is a family man who strives to represent the hardworking Floridians he has come to know and love. His passion for equality and a better future for his children has motivated him to run as the Democratic candidate for Florida State House District 39.


When Luke joined the Navy, he took an oath to protect the people of the United States against inequality, prejudice, and hate. Luke runs for Florida House District 39 to fulfill his pledge to keep fighting for a brighter future for all Floridian families.


Help Veterans and Their Families

For some veterans, the return to civilian life is met with significant struggles like fighting mental health problems, medical issues, homelessness, and more. He aspires to offer our heroes the help and support they deserve for their sacrifices.

Affordable Healthcare Options

It is a fundamental human right for every citizen to get timely, adequate, and affordable health care. Luke wants to ensure health care coverage for everyone in Florida through a foundation of comprehensive primary care.

Advocacy for Children, Elderly, and Differently-Abled

People with disabilities, children, and the elderly are often the most vulnerable, mistreated, or overlooked among us. Luke wants to help build systems that make them feel seen, heard, and supported.

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